ArcelorMittal Steel Strapping Gray provides the best protection for all your products

ArcelorMittal Steel Strapping Gray, has been manufacturing steel straps since 1955. Steel straps are the best solution to easily maintain, strap, secure and transport all your products.

Thanks to its know-how in terms of production and transformation of steel products, ArcelorMittal Steel Strapping Gray meets the needs of its customers by offering different finishes: bare metal, blued, zinc or black lacquered and various packaging, from 25kg for the smallest formats, to 1 tonne for the mega jumbos, made for automatic strapping machines on our 2 strapping lines.

ArcelorMittal’s preferred strap supplier

ArcelorMittal Steel Strapping Gray is one of the preferred steel strap supplier for ArcelorMittal group , our customers come from different industries such as steel, timber, transport, construction … which are demanding in terms of the safety and durability of the products we manufacture.

As part of the ArcelorMittal Group, ArcelorMittal Steel Strapping Gray can guarantee the production of high-quality steel strip, while securing a flow of raw materials from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products’ mills of Liege and Florange and benefiting from the competitiveness and the R&D tools of ArcelorMittal.

Located in Gray, France, the site is the only steel strap manufacturer in the ArcelorMittal Group and the only one in France. For more than 65 years, this production site has been a service centre, partner of its customers, which guarantees optimal safety of packaging and transport of goods, especially for heavy loads

Why choose steel strapping?

Safety: steel straps are the only way to safely strap the heaviest products, the sharpest angles and ensure the safety of the strapping in time and in all types of weather.

Recyclability: steel is the most recycled material in the world, it is infinitely recyclable.

Durability: steel straps are resistant to breakage and retain their tension during transport.

Outdoor storage: steel straps are suitable for outdoor storage.

Our steel straps reach America

Since May 2021, ArcelorMittal Steel Strapping Gray’s products are now officially licensed and authorised by the Association of American Railroads (AAR), for the transport in open top wagons.

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